More About Us

We have been repairing appliances for years. Some of our technicians have been working on appliance repair since before there was internet. We believe that quality appliances and quality service will help your appliances function smoothly for many years to come. That is one of the ways that we get top customer reviews. Top quality appliances are like any other top quality product like a performance car or fine clothes. If you take care of them, they will take care of you in return.

We don’t believe in doing extra repairs or extra work for the sake of doing more work. Well made appliances should be well maintained. Occasionally repairs are needed. Call US Best Appliance Repair for all your appliances in the San Diego areas. Go with a top rated company. Our specially trained and certified technicians will let you feel at ease knowing your repair is under way and will be completed shortly.

We have now expanded our offering to include new appliance installation and filter cartridge replacement. Many people don’t know how, or don’t have the expertise, and some just don’t want to be bothered by it. No need. Give us a call or fill out the quote form and we will take it from there.