Refrigerator Repair, Freezer Repair, and Ice Maker Repair


Whatever the cause, we can take care of your repairs, quickly and at very affordable prices. The value and quality of our trained technicians is unmatched. Call us at +1 (858) 285-9262 today. We will be out there in no time and get you back in full operation.

We can repair leaky connections. We also replace water filters and refrigerator water filter cartridges. That freon might need to be recharged, or the compressor might need to be replaced. Or, additional freon coolant might need to be added. Or, there might be a freon leak. It could be an electrical problem. Don’t worry about it. We make all those problems go away.

Some signs you need to have your Refrigerator serviced. If any of these things are happening, you need to have your unit repaired:

Refrigerator won’t keep food cold any more
There is a Refrigerator error message or error light on the screen
It won’t turn on when plugged in
It makes loud or unusual noises
There is a water leak in the fridge and you can’t find where it is coming from

Here are some signs your freezer should be serviced or repaired:

The freezer won’t freeze things
It over freezes or gets full of frost continually
The screen shows an error message or a trouble light is on the freezer display
the door won’t stay shut even though nothing is blocking it
There is unusual or very loud noise coming from somewhere
It turns on and off for no reason

Ice Makers are very useful and convenient. But when it goes down, it can be even more inconvenient, especially if you have guests coming over. But not to worry, we can get piles of ice being dispensed again. Here are some things to look for. If any of these things are happening, you should probably have one of the US Best Appliance Repair technicians come repair your unit today:

The ice is coming out rusty or muddy
it stops making ice
It makes the ice but the ice won’t come out. It won’t dispense.
All the ice comes out at once. It won’t stop dispensing.
Or if you get an error message displayed on the screen

Whatever the brand, or whatever the appliance, we can take care of your problem for you. We also install new appliances. If you have any appliance delivered but don’t know what to do, just give us a call.