Stove, Oven, and Range Top Repair

Some people wonder, how do I know if my appliance needs to be serviced? Or, how do I know if I need to call to get this repaired? Well, follow our guidelines below. We can help you decide. We’re here to help, and part of that means helping you know when you need to call in a professional.

For any Stove, Oven, or Range repair, even glass top ranges, US Best Appliance Repair is the best call you could make in the surrounding San Diego area. You need your Stove working. Gas or electric, we can get you cooking! Look at the list below. If you say yes to any of these items on the list, you should call us right away

How to know if you need appliance repair:

Any element or burner stops working
If any burner won’t turn off or if the heat adjustment is not working properly
The temperature cooks too hot or if it cooks too cold
There is a short or loose connection
If you suspect a gas leak of any kind inside the appliance, turn off the gas and call us right away
The broiler doesn’t work
The glass top range is cracked or broken
The gas burner won’t light or it won’t stay lit
Stove or Oven won’t turn on or turn off

We also replace glass top ranges and service range hoods. If you have any cooking problem we will make it no problem.