Washer and Dryer Repair San Diego

Front loading or top loading, we service all brands. It doesn’t really matter what brand you have, we service all of them. Sometimes people call us and they aren’t even sure what brand they have. That’s not a problem. Maybe you are not even home. Maybe you are in another state and your neighbor will let us in, some repairs just can’t wait.

Things to check before you schedule a washer or dryer repair:

Did you check the circuit breaker? It might sound silly, but if the breaker is tripped, or if the fuse is blown, that might be why it won’t run.
Is the water turned on to the washer? Maybe your spouse turned off the water while you were out of town. What if a hose was leaking and the water got turned off to stop the leak.
Is the natural gas turned on (if it runs on gas) Some people turn off the gas valve when they leave for long trips.
Is it plugged in? It might sound ridiculous to even say, but just check the plug. Maybe a kid unplugged the cord so they could plug in a cell phone or a video game .

Do you know how to turn it on? If you just moved in, maybe it works different than where you used to live.

If all that checks out, you should have the unit serviced by one of our highly qualified technicians. Don’t try to take it apart yourself. We get lots of calls from people that need us to come put their appliances back together. If we don’t have the part you need on our truck, then we can quickly get it fromĀ  San Diego area. At US Best Appliance Repair, we will get your washer and dryer doing loads of laundry once again.